Here's What's New at Kawasaki of Caldwell!

Diamond C Deck-Over Dump – Prepare to be DAZZLED!

On March 28,2019

Diamond C has done it again! They’ve taken every feature imaginable and put it in one tremendous trailer to make your life A LOT easier! Check out this video then look at the pics and specs of our in-stock Deck-Over Dump by clicking HERE!

Diamond C Trailers are Dynamite!

On February 15,2019

You deserve a utility trailer as hard-working and handy as YOU are! Check out these amazing options from Diamond C Trailers! Custom built with a Split Deck or Full Tilt, these Texas-built, Texas tough trailers are the best! Call Buddy or Shawn today to order yours today at 979.567.7777.

Stellar Stull Feeders – Peaceful Easy Feedin’™

On February 20,2018

Say “so long” to the headaches and hassles of feeding cattle. Say “HELLO!” to stellar Stull Feeders! See how fun and easy it is to feed your herd. Kawasaki of Caldwell has 500 lb. and 200 lb. feeders available. Snag yours today!

Red Wing Rubber Boots to the Rescue!

On December 26,2017

Prepare for the rainy, wet season with Red Wing Rubber Boots! Like no other rubber boots, these Red Wing Rubber Boots are built to provide maximum protection from weather and other challenges. Check out what makes the Red Wing Rubber Boots remarkable then run to Kawi to get yours!  

Mule Cattle Guard: What an Innovative Idea!

On December 4,2017

The best ideas come from those doing the work! Who wants to get in and out of the Mule to open and close gates during the rainy, cold feeding season? Here’s a great new solution for you: a Mule Cattle Guard! Features of this practical new product include: Heavy Duty square tubing design. Easily moved. […]

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Introduces the 2018 Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXR

On November 8,2017

Kawasaki outdid themselves when they introduced the 2018 Mule Pro-FXR! Unlike any of its predecessors, this machine has it ALL – amazing maneuverability, stellar towing capacity, an ultra-fine finish and many other dynamic details that make it exceptional! Let our friend Stone Cold Steve Austin introduce you. Then come to Kawasaki of Caldwell to pick […]

HEY…Who Needs a Hay Trailer?

On October 16,2017

Have you been looking for a GREAT deal on a hay trailer? Look no farther! Kawasaki of Caldwell has three Circle M Hay Trailers that are ready and waiting to go home with you! Make this feeding season the simplest yet. Call us or come see us, today!  

Stihl Chaps are for Champs!

On September 26,2017

If you ever wondered if you should wear protective gear while using your Stihl Chainsaw, here’s a quick video to help you decide. Stihl Chaps have NINE layers to help protect your legs from their amazing chainsaw. Featuring our German friend, Felix the Great, here’s proof that Stihl Chaps are for champs!

Hornet Game Day is a GREAT Day!!

On September 8,2017

Kawasaki of Caldwell has Hornet Spirit!! Come visit us each Friday during football and volleyball season for a special ORANGE treat! Sting ‘Em Hornets!!

Texans are Tougher than Harvey!

On September 1,2017

Our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to our fellow Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Words are inadequate to express our concern and love for you, so here are a few photos to explain what we cannot. How grateful we are for our friends Zgabay Tutoring Services, Bud Cross Ford, Kevin & Jennifer Supak, Summit Pump, […]