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Tips on How To Choose The Right Trimmer For Your Lawn

We all adore gardens. For us, it’s a place of serenity and pleasure. Keeping a garden organized and clean is a heck of a job. Not everyone has the time to prune it daily. Hedges of a garden consist of shrubs and bushes that can grow rapidly and make the place a mess. To make your garden approachable and aesthetic you should go with Caldwell’s efficient Stihl hedge trimmers.

Consider These Lawn Trimmers When Buying A New Mower For Your Lawn

Hedge Trimmers

When you set for buying Hedge trimmers in Caldwell you will find trimmer variants like cordless, corded, and petrol for operation. Cordless hedge trimmers work on a rechargeable battery. They can be functional for 45 – 90 minutes on a single time charge. Corded hedge trimmers work on direct electricity. Furthermore, petrol hedges work on oil or petrol. They are most sturdy and powerful for clearing the lawn area. This type requires periodic maintenance but has a long run to keep your lawn ecstatic. 

Trimmer Blades

Trimmer blades have two types of teeth – Single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided blades ensure safety while trimming, whereas double-sided blades have the efficiency to trim faster. 

Length of Trimmer Blade

The length of the blade and teeth spacing are a few factors to be considered. These elements might seem to be a minor detail, but they have a huge impact on your trimming experience. Choose the blade sizes wisely depending upon your plants. 

Load Trimmer

The Load of the trimmer has great significance, as you need to be comfortable while handling it. Remember it’s a piece of garden equipment too heavy that will make it difficult to handle. Depending upon your garden structure, choose the trimmer you want to use. 

Other miscellaneous things would include – Noise check, Warranty check, Cable length, Battery power, Electricity consumption rate, and Sharpness of blade. 

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