Do You Need To Keep Your ATV In Check?

Are ATVs Hard To Maintain? 

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is one of the most popular vehicles amongst Americans. Taking a break from road or trophy hunting in Texas, the thrill of the ride is enhanced with ATV. To keep the thrill of your trip alive, you need to schedule regular checkups for your ATV. Yes, your ATV requires regular maintenance which most ATV owners ignore. With regular maintenance and servicing the lifespan and performance of your ATV can increase. All you need to do is spend a few minutes with your ATV and do these maintenance check up. 

Tips to maintain the ATV health –  

Change the oil

If your engine is screaming louder then it’s high time for you to take a look at the ATV engine oil. Another sign is if the oil turns dark & gritty then you will have to change. However, the oil turning gritty could be a tricky thing as certain engines can make the oil dark immediately. 

Note – Oil should ideally trap the dust and dirt entering the engine, so it is common that the engine will turn dark.

Fix those loose nuts and bolts –

It is quite possible that after a rigorous ride or numerous rides at different terrains the nuts and bolts can turn loose. Don’t ignore the vital part of the ATV because they are holding your ATV together and saving your ATV from malfunctioning. Pay heed to these bolts – axel nuts, lug bolts, pivot bolts, and skid plate bolts. Avoid getting portrayed as a careless ATV driver and accidents with simple fixation. 

Quick Check On Tires –

Every vehicle tire functions under a certain amount of pressure. If the tire pressure is uneven there is a high possibility of the tire getting punctured. So to keep the tire pressure in check, conduct a pressure test using a pressure gauge. Arrange the tire pressure according to the recommended tire pressure for your  atv model

Brake pad and brake shoes – 

The brakes are the crucial part of any vehicle and the faulty maintenance can risk your precious life. To avoid these life threatening situations check for the wear and tear of your brake pad and brake shoes at regular intervals. Because the brake pads and brake shoes turns greasy very easily. You need liquids or alcohol to degrease the brake shoes. If you feel the brake needs to be fixed then visit the trustworthy ATV dealers near your location to avoid any faulty fixing. Inspect all the parts of the brake including the spring bolts, cables, brake seals, everything! 

Handlebar Grips –

You use it or not, dust and dirt are going to settle on it. If normal handle grips can get dirty here we are discussing about ATV which travels through different terrains. So to bring back shine you can utilize brake cleaners available in the market, also an easy option. Otherwise you can spend some extra time with your ATV to remove those stubborn dirt with soapy water. The choice is all yours!

Clean your machine –

brush off that excess dirt settled on the ATV by taking out some time. The dirt settled on the vehicle not only spoils the shine but also parts of the vehicle and its performance. Yes, you heard it right! The dirt accumulated on the engine can hamper the performance of the vehicle. Thus Clean your All Terrain Vehicle properly from top, sides, and undercarriage leaving no trail of dirt on it. 

Keep an eye on the air filter cleanliness –

Clean air filters prolong the engine life and performance. Air filters are of two types – it could be either made of foam or paper. In the case of paper filter you can easily clean the wipe off the dirt with a strong gust. Foam filters can be cleaned with the help of chemical solutions available in the market. Make sure to deal with the foam filter gently because being too rigorous can tear down the filter. 

How often one should give their ATV for servicing?

Ideally, this entirely depends on your usage and model. However, it is recommended by the ATV experts at Kawasaki, Texas that after 100 hours of usage you should drop off your vehicle for servicing. There is no hard and fast rule to drop only after 100 hours of completion. Some All Terrain Vehicles might not be used for months in such cases you should get them serviced regularly like after 6 months or so. 

Note  – The name itself says you can take the vehicle to ride on all kinds of terrains in muddy plains and even in water-filled areas. Just make sure that the tire is getting submerged not the entire ATV because this can hurt your picket or might need a new one for the next ride. 

Take a break from your busy life and road, and go for a ride on ATV at Caldwell Texas. Explore the various terrains with your ATV keeping these points in mind. Enjoy a mess free ATV ride!