Insulated Blinds

Looking for a camo condo for your next hunting adventure? If so, these insulated blinds from Ranch King Blinds are the ideal option to meet your needs. Designed to provide unimaginable comfort and a tremendous amount of space, these blinds will help to keep you comfortable and secure and making hunting a truly pleasurable experience.

The heavy steel structure of these blinds ensures that you never have to worry about your blind succumbing to the elements. A 6' wall height gives these blinds ample space so that you never need to feel cramped. Foam insulation is included in the floor, walls, and ceiling of these blinds to ensure that you stay comfortable. Even when the temperatures outside drops, you will be snug inside. Wood trim molding adds a nice little touch that will make your insulated blind feel like home.

Inside, you will find yellow pine stained, sealed, and cleared wood interior. It's like having your own private hunting lodge. The carpeted floor and shelves give these blinds a homey appearance. Outfitted with bow, gun, or combo windows, these blinds also give you easy access regardless of the type of weapon that you choose to use. Exterior door and window shades are also included to ensure that the sun is kept out of your eyes.

Thanks to the insect and rodent proofing used on these blinds, you never have to worry about unwelcome visitors joining you in your blind. EZ climb stairs, complete with a handrail, are also included to help you make your way safely inside your blind. These insulated blinds also include a platform with a handrail. Thanks to the heavy gauge legs and bracing, you can feel completely secure while you are in your blind.

At Kawasaki of Caldwell, we are pleased to be an authorized dealer for Ranch King Blinds.