Gravely Mowers

Cut your mowing time in half with one of our Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers. With our line of quality Gravely mowers, you receive a wide array of benefits:Get improved maneuverability with a zero turn, allowing you to easily mow around trees, flowerbeds, and other obstacles. Cut your grass faster with a quicker and more efficient cutting machine. Traditional lawn mowers cut at speeds roughly 3-4 mph while the typical zero-turn is designed to cut at speeds of 5-8 mph.Eliminate backing up! When you get to the end of your yard, turn around to come back and you can spin at 180 degrees and begin the next path without the need to back up, like the traditional lawn mower requires.Cut closer to your sidewalks, trees, and other edges than ever before. Our unobstructed view of the cutting deck makes getting that close cut simple. Nearly eliminating the need to trim hard-to-reach areas.With our line of Gravely mowers, you receive unrivaled productivity and durability. With easy operation, low maintenance, and superior comfort, these zero turn mowers are well suited for a variety of all-day operations.We invite you to stop by Kawasaki of Caldwell or give us a call at 979-567-7777 to check out our selection, get pricing, or take one of the demo mowers on a test-run to find out exactly what these mowers can do.


Pro-Turn-400 website
Innovative EZ Lift Deck System, 19 Cutting positions, 7-gauge, all-steel, welded X-Factor II Deck with limited lifetime warranty, Heavy-duty steel frame, Added fuel efficiency, Automotive style performance tires that are easy on turf, Constant Belt Tension System monitors belt tension and blade tip speed, Enhanced air-ride suspension system with seat isolators absorbs large vertical impacts
Pro-Turn-200- website
Advanced deck level design, Four point adjustment system, 7-gauge, all-steel, welded X-Factor II Deck with limited lifetime warranty, Constant Belt Tension System monitors belt tension and blade tip speed, Full suspension seat allows added lateral stability, improved durability and increased vibration control
Pro-Turn-100- website
Easy pin style deck lift, 17 cutting positions, Lifetime deck warranty, Advanced deck level design with four point adjustment, Heavy duty steel frame, Integral suspension seating with added comfort and durability
Pro-Turn-  website
Foldable Roll Over Protection provides safety and added elbow clearance, Constant Belt Tension System monitors belt tension and blade tip speed, 10-gauge fabricated and steel welded deck, Integral suspension seating with added stability and comfortability, Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 commercial transmission
ZT-HD website
Superior cut selection allows adjustments in increments of 1/4", 15 Cutting Positions, Fully-welded tubular frame, Constant belt tension system provides correct tension and blade tip speed, Comfortable high-back seats with padded armrests, Commercial-grade, Hydro-GearĀ® ZT-3100 transmission, 5.5" deep deck designed for superior airflow delivery and handling challenging conditions
zt xl website
10-Gauge 4.5" fabricated deck, 3" tall fully-welded frame, Comfortable high-back seat, Offers a commercial-grade, Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transmission, Kawasaki Engine with professional grade power, 20" Drive tires and 11" front castor tires provide improved handling
zt x website
10 Gauge 4.5" fabricated deck, Dual arm deck lift with 4 point hanging system, Simple cutting selection, Fully-welded tubular frame provides maximum strength and rigidity, High-back seat with adjustment from the operator position
zt website pic
Flip out controls provide easy access, 12 Gauge Xlerator stamped deck, 34"-50" Deck Options, Easy Lift Deck, 7 Cutting heights, Adjust between 1.5"-4.5", 4 Point deck lift system provides immediate stability, Adjustable high back seat
Compact-Pro website pic
Kawasaki Engine, Hydro-static Hydro-Gear 10cc pump, Quick Release Deck, Lift Deck Range 1"-5", 34" Deck, 9 Cutting Positions, Compact frame allows for ease during transportation
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