When you need to maintain flexibility and versatility for your yard tasks, a Stihl cultivator is the ideal choice. Featuring a lightweight design, Stihl cultivators make it possible to accomplish a wide range of tasks without growing wear. Make the change from an aggressive pick style cultivator to other optional attachments, such as a lawn aerator, trimmer, bed edger, dethatcher, bristle brush broom, and much more. With just one tool and the many optional attachments, you can accomplish more while saving on fuel and maintenance costs. Stihl cultivators are a must have for both homeowners as well as professional landscapers. While Stihl cultivators are designed to provide lightweight use, they are also powerful enough to get any job accomplished. Whether you have a small lawn or a larger space, these cultivators can be relied upon. The inclusion of the Easy2Start technology system ensures that all it takes is a strong pull to get your cultivator going. The balanced, compact, ergonomic handles make it easy to handle this tool without growing fatigued. Thanks to the inclusion of folding handles, this cultivator can be easily stored and transported. The MM 55 C-E features a pick tines cultivator set that is included as standard. In addition, you can also choose from an optional weight kit that helps the times to cultivate the soil more efficiently. You can also opt for a bolo tine cultivator set that makes it easy to mix soils. At Kawasaki of Caldwell, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Stihl cultivators are the ideal choice for small gardens as well as larger spaces. We completely stand behind each product that we sell and will be happy to assist you in choosing the right cultivator to meet your needs.