Hedge Trimmers

We are pleased to provide a line of quality Stihl hedge trimmers. A well-trimmed hedge, with its defined edges, clean lines, and uniform precision offers a sense of quiet elegance. Stihl hedge trimmers are the ideal tool to produce just the look that you seek for your landscape. When you need a reliable hedge trimmer, you can count on Stihl to deliver a variety of options, including electric, gasoline, and battery-powered hedge trimmers. With a Stihl hedge trimmer, keeping your shrubs maintained feels less like work and more like a work of art. Stihl hedge trimmers are the ideal choice for pruning and cutting bushes, hedges, and shrubs. Designed to provide fuel efficiency and featuring an ergonomic design, these hedge trimmers will give you the power you need to handle any job, big or small. One of the best benefits of Stihl hedge trimmers is that they feature a design that works to minimize excess bulk while providing perfect balance. With their unique power-to-weight ratio, these trimmers give you the benefit of incredible maneuverability without worrying that you will be sacrificing power. When the time comes to add those final touches, precision-ground cutting blades combined with anti-vibration technology means that you can keep your hands steady while simultaneously adding delicate touches to your hedges. No matter what your trimming needs may be, Stihl provides a trimmer to help you tackle it. Whether you need to keep small hedges trimmed or you need to handle extra wide and tall shrubs, you will find a model to get the job done. Great for both professional landscapers as well as homeowners, these powerful hedge trimmers are the perfect choice. At Kawasaki of Caldwell, we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right hedge trimmer with your needs and will even provide you with parts and service assistance after the sale. scale-hedgetrimmers


Lightest Gasoline Powered Hedge Trimmer, Easy to Start System, Fuel Efficient Engine, Anti-Vibration
18" or 24" Double Sided Reciprocating Blade, Lightweight, High Torque Engine, Used for Smaller Shrubs