Pole Pruners

With the right pole pruner, you never have to worry about overgrown branches potentially damaging your home. With a Stihl pole pruner, you can quickly and easily trim those branches. Thanks to the inclusion of Easy2Start technology, the job of trimming overgrown overhead branches is nearly effortless. All it takes is a slight pull and your Stihl pole pruner will come to life. The lightweight design of these pole pruners ensures that you do not have to worry about becoming tired out as you go about your work. The distinctive, two-piece design of these pole pruners also allows for easy transport and storage. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional landscaper, these Stihl pole pruners make a great addition to your landscaping arsenal. When overgrown branches are out of reach, Stihl pole pruners puts them within reach so that you can achieve the neatly manicured look that you desire. Now, you do not have to worry about standing on precarious ladders or climbing to dangerous heights in order to reach the branches that you need to trim. Featuring a balanced weight and offering smooth cutting action, these pole pruners can be relied upon to get the job done. Need assistance in deciding which pole pruner is right for your needs? Our experienced staff would be happy to work with you to assist you in finding the right pole pruner to meet your precise needs. We will also be pleased to provide you with operating instructions to help you operate your pole pruner in the safest and most optimal manner possible. When you need parts or service for your pole pruner, we will also be happy to help with that as well. Stihl pole pruners are easy to maintain, easy to carry, and easy to operate, making the ideal choice.