Kawasaki of Caldwell Galyean Trailers

    Galyean Trailers

    Kawasaki has your Galyean trailers! What's that? You don't know about Galyean trailers? Please! Let us introduce you!
    Galyean utilizes high tensile plate steel that is used in the manufacture of its severe service off road tanker trailers. This produces a strong frame that is the backbone of the livestock trailer. Simply put, Galyean's are built better! From the CNC formed “Z” pan with a higher vertical web for additional strength to the unique “tee post” tubing design at rear of the trailer and the wrapped tubing bumper, Galyean trailers are engineered to add more structural strength to the rear of the trailer.
    Galyean goes the extra mile to fabricate a stronger trailer and continues to exceed industry standards with the paint coating system. Galyean begins with the advanced pre-treatment process and applies the "world class" DuPont Imron high solids flex base color coat followed by a corrosion inhibiting clear coat. The clear coat provides exceptional gloss and color retention. It's also much more resistant to rock chips and scratches compared to the standard non-clear coated systems. All of these extra details add up to long-term durability, corrosion resistance and an extended life expectancy of the trailer.
      While standard stock trailers use fenders and body pans made out of 12 gauge sheet metal - a thickness of .1046 of an inch, or about a 1/10th of an inch, Galyean trailers have fenders and body pans made of 3/16th plate (.18750)!
    Galyean uses 2" x 2” angle placed longitudinally on 12" centers, further supported by perpendicular 5" channel every 4 ft. PLUS an 8" channel that runs across the back of the trailer!
    Due to the overwhelming feedback from our customers, Galyean is working with Kawasaki of Caldwell to build other products to suit your needs. From cattle trailers to hay trailers to truck beds, Kawasaki of Caldwell has great options on Galyean trailers. Check out our incredible inventory!