Why Hunting Coolers Is The Best Option For Hunters?

Booked for a hunting trip, successfully knocked down the animal in the ranch, next? It’s time for gutting and then transporting it. But how are you going to carry it back? Because you might want to show your trophy hunt to your family as well. To rescue you from this situation, Kawasaki of Caldwell has come up with hunting coolers designed to solve the storage of your trophy meat.

What Is A Hunting Cooler?

 In simple terms, a hunting cooler is a cold box specially designed for storing your meat, trophy hunt meat, or even drinks. Hunting coolers are available in two types: ordinary coolers or rotomolded coolers. The ordinary ones are made of inferior quality plastic or have low insulation capacity, while the Rotomolded coolers are made by rotational molding by adding powdered plastic resins. The plastic resins create a hollow space making the cooler thicker enough to keep the meat cool. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Hunting Cooler?

The sole purpose of using a hunting cooler is; to keep the meat in palatable condition and prevent bacterial attacks. Because flesh tends to get spoiled at a faster rate. The fat present in the flesh will turn rancid when it comes in contact with oxygen for a long time. Additionally, coolers will help you to keep the flies off from the meat which has the potential to spoil it. If you are going to travel for a long distance or in bad weather, coolers will take care of your meat. 

What Kind Of Materials Are Utilized For Coolers?

Variations depend on the brands and materials used for the preparation of the cooler. Generally, the materials utilized for this purpose are polypropylene, polyurethane, and polystyrene insulation. Some high-end coolers also have UV resistance to their coolers. Basic coolers are made out of regular plastic, which might not even last long. Due to the quality of plastic used in it.

But they can serve the purpose of storing your drinks for your after hunting celebration Ordinary Coolers – Under this category, you will get coolers that are made by blow molding. Blow molding technique is a super easy way to produce coolers in bulk as it is produced by pouring the liquid plastic into a mold. 

Rotomolded coolers – Roto molded coolers are produced using powdered plastic and subjecting it to heat and rotation. These are comparatively tougher than the ordinary ones due to the temperature and rotation procedure it undergoes while preparing the coolers. These types of coolers are slightly expensive but worth the money. 

Vacuum coolers – This is an older technique and has been used for various other items. Vacuum coolers function similarly to your thermos flask. If you are considering buying one, surely vacuum coolers are worth it. It provides one of the best insulation compared to all other coolers. 

How Long Can Meat Stay Cold?

The basic ones can suffice for 2-3 days. If you will need more than a week to travel back, high-end coolers are available in the market which will meet your demands. You can also wet age the meat for effective preservation. 

How To Choose The Best Hunting Cooler?

Durability –  Remember you are entering into the zone of animals, so it is obvious at times you might face animal attacks or even the bumpy roads in the ranch, or your hunting mates might try to steal your stock of bottles. It is vital to keep your hunt secure and safe from them. For this, the cooler needs to be durable and tough enough to absorb the shock. You need to find some good hunting coolers in the market to suffice these criterias. So that you can keep your meat secure and cool with the lock system

Ability To Sustain The Heat – The amount of insulation differs from brand to brand. The job of an insulator is to stop the thawing of ice and keep the meat viable for days. Some brands like Yeti Tundra Series Coolers, Canyon coolers, Yeti Roadie Series Coolers, kong coolers, Igloo coolers, etc carry out this task efficiently. They have high-end insulation installed in their coolers ensuring an efficient temperature lock.  

Ease to handle the cooler – Once the cooler is filled with your hunt or your bottles, you won’t be able to lift the cooler. We do wish the coolers had wheels to drag, but alas you need to bear with the ropes given the cooler. To handle the heavy weight you need to have a robust handle or ropes so that you or your buddy can carry the cooler with ease. 

Hunting coolers may sound pricey to some. But they are worth every penny. The latest models are arriving with super durable and budget-friendly options to make your storage easy. This season, don’t forget to carry your hunting cooler for hunting in Caldwell. Get the best cooler for yourself and make the most out of your hunting trip.